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Asia Famous Intelligent Packaging Exhibition China Comprehensive Packaging Exhibition Weathervane

May 31, 2018

Driven by the sustained and rapid growth of China's national economy, China's packaging industry has also achieved rapid development by leaps and bounds.According to the forecast of the prospective industry research institute of the national bureau of statistics, by 2023, the sales revenue of China's packaging industry will exceed 2 trillion yuan, reaching 20,91.628 billion yuan, and the total profit will reach 133.477 billion yuan.After 25 years of accumulation and development, sino-pack has promoted and witnessed the development and growth of China's packaging industry.

As famous intelligent packaging exhibition in Asia, China's comprehensive packaging exhibition vane, the 26 th China international packaging industry exhibition (Sino - Pack2019), will be March 4 to 6, 2019 in guangzhou, China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall of forced (area A pavilion 5.2/3.2/4.2/1.2/2.2) have struck again held A grand.