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Automatic Quantitative Powder Packaging Machine Common Five Major Problems And Solutions

Aug 06, 2019

Start the problem

Many users in the use of powder packaging machine, found that suddenly can not start the automatic program.In this case, all you need to do is do a check.First check whether the feeding cylinder is closed and whether the position sensor is loose and in place when the cylinder is closed.

According to the industry, if the sensor position is not correct, the permanent magnet in the cylinder will become less magnetic, causing the signal to lose control and causing the automatic program not to start.If the sensor position cannot be adjusted, short connect the sensor output line.

Display problem

The veracity of powder packing machine is very important.However, many packaging opportunities for weight display value is not stable, good and bad situation.In this case, the general need to eliminate powder quantitative packaging machine vibration phenomenon, in addition to check whether the voltage is stable, whether the grounding resistance meets the requirements, keep the display value stable.

Super bad serious

If the user found in the use of powder packaging machine cutting weight instability, out-of-tolerance phenomenon.Check to see if there is any blockage.

According to the industry, when the oil road is blocked, it will cause the cylinder seal rubber gasket and cylinder block dry wear and damage, resulting in gas, thus affecting the cylinder at all levels of feeding stroke."In this case, the two-stage rubber gasket of the main cylinder can be replaced and the oil line can be unblocked."

Hopper leaks

Material leakage of hopper is directly related to the failure of feeding mechanism. What needs to be done is to clear the accumulated material in the hopper first, observe whether the feeding cylinder is in place and whether the door valve has accumulated material.If all above are normal, check whether the feeding cylinder has good airtightness.

There is an adjustment screw in the lower part of the feeding cylinder. When the hole of the adjustment screw is blocked, the delay time of closing the door will occur, and the situation of leaking materials will occur.If this is the case, the vent should be dredged in time.

Bagging mechanism does not work

Technical personnel said, if you don't action folder bag institutions, the electric conversion valve didn't work properly, the air source pressure under normal circumstances, first check the reversing valve coil voltage can be controlled, if electrical conversion to normal for reversing valve fault, should change in time, if you can't switch, the corresponding maintenance process for clip bag triode switch, reversing valve control, two-way trigger photoelectric coupler.