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Baking Equipment Is In China

Mar 15, 2018
Baking equipment is a company in Shanghai, China. We produce high quality stainless steel food production lines and machines, specially design and manufacture the latest technology, such as full 3d design, laser cutting and CNC milling machine equipment. We have an enthusiastic team of 30 people, and we continue to pursue our main goal: to provide customers with solutions that meet their needs.

Our group is able to meet the standard solutions and concepts in terms of worldwide sales, service and food technology support, as well as local specialty products with unique flavors and forms. You are welcome to visit our factory.

We Focused on bakery equipments and packing machine about 10 years. Started as simple bread production line , now ,we have 2 main plant. One is complete bakery and pastry plant, including bread,cake,biscuit,pastry making machine. Another is packaging plant. It includes bakery product packing machine ,tea bag packing machine, box wrapping machine ,weigh filler and other vertical packing machine.