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Baking Industry Drives The Development Of Baking Equipment

May 04, 2018

Baked goods mainly originated from western countries, global consumption contribution bakery products mainly come from Europe and the United States, but with the development of the industry continuously, the popularity of products, consumption level of ascension, bakery products in many developing countries have increased significantly.

China's bread industry has maintained double-digit growth for several consecutive years, and its growth rate is stronger than most industries.The bread industry is a sub-industry of the baking industry.In our country, baked goods are rich in variety, including traditional Chinese dessert cakes, western cakes, bread, biscuits and so on.

With the development of baking industry, the development of bakery equipment has been greatly improved.Our company has our own factory and supply all kinds of bakery machine,you can log in the website www.shmooha.com to get more information.