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Beater And Core Filling Machine Achieve Crispy Egg Rolls With Soft Filling

Aug 29, 2019

Egg rolls need to go through the raw material beating, feeding, baking, filling, rolling, cooling and other processing steps.The beating machine is used to stir wheat flour, edible vegetable oil and other raw materials into even texture pulp.The mixing evenness and speed of the beating machine become the consideration point of the choose and buy of the production enterprise, and now most of the beating machine can meet these two requirements, the mixing effect is good and the efficiency is high.

After the beating, the pulp will enter the baking stage through the pulp feeder.We sometimes see egg roll stands on the street, with little egg roll roasters, small and light, about the size and shape of a family flat pan.

Sandwich omelets are more difficult to control than centerless omelets in terms of process and food safety.In modern production line, wafer roll for filling and core even after baking, and because a lot of production enterprises of wafer roll size specifications will vary, manufacturing enterprise production filling and core equipment generally have suitable for a variety of specifications will not note core core or the performance of the single and double color face cone, filling and other core length can be adjusted according to demand.Since the edible safety of hand-filled egg rolls cannot be guaranteed, the filling equipment made of stainless steel is more safe and reliable.