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Introduction for CD DVD Cellophane Overwrapping Machine

Apr 02, 2018

Introduction for CD DVD cellophane overwrapping machine 


 CD DVD cellophane overwrapping machine  is based on the MOQ-01 model. 

The machine uses BOPP film or PVC film to automatically transport, stack, shape and seal the small box. Its packaging is flat, beautiful, and tight. And can automatically paste anti-counterfeit cable. Use this packaged product can play anti-counterfeiting, moisture, dust effect. The machine can be manually fed or with the front boxing machine and back-end boxing machine to form an automatic packaging The production line. This greatly improves the packaging efficiency, reduces the packaging cost of the enterprise, and improves the product quality of the enterprise, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of the product and greatly increasing the added value of the product. The machine is currently the first choice to replace the traditional shrink packaging, is the best choice for modern packaging. 

Packaging materials can be  OPP BOPP film, hot-stick cellophane and anti-counterfeit gold cable.