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Characteristics Of Vacuum Packaging Machine

May 22, 2018

Characteristics of vacuum packaging machine.

1. Excluding some air (oxygen) in the packaging container, can effectively prevent the food oxidation and deterioration.

Vacuum packing machine

2, (air tightness) good barrier property of packaging materials and sealing technology and strict requirements, can effectively prevent the packing content material exchange, can lose weight, avoid food flavor, and can prevent the secondary pollution.

3, vacuum container inner gas has been ruled out, speeding up the heat conduction, it can improve the efficiency of thermal sterilization, also avoid the heating sterilization, packaging container cracking due to the expansion of gases.

In the food industry, vacuum packaging application is very common, various cooked products such as chicken leg, ham, sausage, grilled fish slices, beef jerky, etc.Pickled products such as all kinds of pickles and bean products, dried fruits and other foods that require fresh food are increasingly used in vacuum packaging.The shelf life of food is greatly extended by vacuum packaging.