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China Baking Fall 2018 & China Home Baking Supplies Fair 2018

Oct 24, 2018

With the continuous development of the baking industry in China, the household baking industry extends to the individual and household consumption market.Baking has become a popular trend, fashion and leisure stress-reducing choice for young Chinese consumers, urban white-collar workers or housewives.In order to adapt to the current market development and subdivision, the organizer has officially upgraded the original exhibition area of home baking products to "China home baking products exhibition" in 2017, which has become the first and largest national platform of professional products and services oriented to the whole industrial chain of home baking in China.Home baking exhibition integrates trade, transaction and experience, and is a professional and international trading and exchange platform for domestic and foreign top domestic baking raw materials, mold utensils, household appliances, packaging accessories, training courses, e-commerce platforms and other comprehensive products and services.