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Classification Of Automatic Bottle Sorting Machine

Sep 27, 2019

1. Barycenter bottle arranging machine:

Whose basic principle is: the advantage of the characteristics of the bottle weight division in the process of finishing, if the bottle is, center of gravity will be close to the lower part of the bottle, the bottle will not change the arrangement, if the bottle inverted, the upper center of gravity in the bottle, the bottle of center of gravity will be unstable, then the bottle in the baffle inversion, thus to achieve the requirement of the upward.

However, the disadvantages are obvious, most of the beverage bottles are plastic bottles, and the weight change is very small, so this function will not meet the requirements in the actual operation, this function is suitable for use in the larger weight of glass bottle sorting machine.

2. Water floating baffle type:

The basic principle is: in the conveying stage, the bottle is transported to the finishing stage by using the buoyancy principle of water. In the finishing stage, baffle A is used to make the bottle forward output.There is a rectangle empty on the baffle that fits the bottle mouth. When the bottle mouth comes over, the bottle mouth will enter the rectangle empty. In this way, the bottom of the bottle will be lowered first.

The structural design of the bottle machine has two disadvantages: first, in the process of water floating, the bottle will be filled with water, adding unnecessary steps in the later filling stage.Second, in the finishing stage, the efficiency is very low, not suitable for the full automatic production line.The scheme is suitable for beer industry to use glass bottles for large drinks.

3. Friction:

The basic principle of the scheme is: in the finishing stage, the friction of the belt is used to transport the bottle, and in the finishing stage, the friction is used to adjust the bottle.Compared with the above two schemes, the biggest advantage of this scheme is its efficiency, and there are no other unnecessary processes, such as the cleaning stage.

The structural design of the machine is mainly to make use of the friction of the belt, so that the bottle can be turned over at high speed movement, and to achieve high efficiency, improve the processing efficiency.

4. Centrifugal bottle sorting machine:

The basic principle is to use the centrifugal force of the disc to make the bottle close to the outside of the ring, and then turn the bottle mouth down with the different characteristics of the bottle bottom and the bottle mouth.The disadvantage is that finishing speed is limited and not suitable for large waterlines.