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Daily Use And Maintenance Of Automatic Beverage Filling Machine

Apr 09, 2019

1. Clean up the electrical control box: sort out the circuit of the automatic filling electromechanical gas control box, and clean up the sundries of the electrical control box.

2. Circuit inspection: the automatic filling mechanical and electrical components are in good contact with the wire head, and the grounding wire is good without leakage.

3, motor inspection: automatic filling motor bearing is abnormal, determine the motor insulation.

4. Check the attachment: whether the working mechanism of automatic filling machine is flexible, whether the scissors and shaft sleeve are seriously worn, and whether the fasteners are loose.

5. Liquid level adjustment: in each filling, increase the liquid level of the material box of the probe rod and put it in the original height position (the position cannot be changed), then open the feed main valve (the valve should remain in the same position for each change).The minimum liquid level of the material box shall not be lower than the inlet and outlet of the material box, and can be filled in batches.If the feed tank level needs to be increased, raise the probe rod to an appropriate height.The pressure of the level controller can also be adjusted.Close the main valve of the automatic liquid filling machine before off duty.