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Development Of Labelling Machines

Apr 01, 2019

The production of labelling machine has brought convenience to the production of broad enterprises. The labelling machine profession has also experienced the stage from foreign introduction to independent development and gradually maturation.The product series also developed from semi-active series to full active series, and the labeling power went from low speed to high speed.Automatic labeling machine has a faster labeling efficiency.


Semi-automatic labeling machine structure features resolution of its low labeling speed, the speed of every minute on the bottom is 15-40, the bottom is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, small batch, varieties, power requirements are not high.The label transmission of semi-automatic labeling machine is a stop-go, cooperating with the speed of manual feeding, so its power is relatively low.Semi-automatic labeling machine because of cheap price, convenient and sensitive, simple structure, also has a good corresponding demand market.


The automatic labeling machine adopts a completely different structure, the label transmission does not have to stop, fast, through the sensor active positioning, active correction.Product feeding and feeding also need not manual intervention, large quantities, no stop, one after another quickly through the conveyor belt to the labeling location, labeling and then sent to the product collection may be the next station.Cut the manual involvement in the feeding and feeding process, so the power has been very much forward.The power of fully automatic labeling machine can advance to hundreds of labeling speed per minute, compared to semi-active equipment, completely occupy the power advantage!Fully automatic labeling machine is efficient, can greatly save the manpower cost, great forward production power, quickly satisfied with a lot of production demand.Scope of application of automatic labeling machine: this equipment is suitable for flat, square and oval containers before and after double-sided labeling, as well as round bottle double-sided labeling.