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Features Of Planetary Agitators

Sep 12, 2019

1. Vacuum resistance: the material can be operated under vacuum;

2. Kettle body can be heated by electricity, steam, water and oil.The unique temperature detection device on the drive shaft ensures that the material temperature error is less than ±1℃.

3. The inner wall of the kettle is finished by a large vertical lathe, and then automatically polished by a large polishing machine to ensure that the material on the inner wall of the kettle is completely scraped off when the activities on the planetary shelf (suitable for sealant) are rotated;

4. Inside the kettle, there is a twisted frame stirring paddle (3-4mm space between OARS and OARS, and between OARS and barrel walls) (multiple paddle blades), which rotates at the same time of revolution, making the material flow up and down and around, so as to achieve mixing (mixing) effect in a very short time.

5. The revolution and rotation of the stirred slurry in the kettle are regulated by frequency conversion (frequency conversion motor), and different speeds can be selected according to different processes and different viscosity.The speed measurement system directly gives the speed at which different agitators are rotating.