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Filling Method Of Carbonated Beverage Filling Line

Dec 25, 2018

Primary filling:

Advanced technology is suitable for large beverage factories. The early operation is to add syrup and treatment water to a certain proportion of the secondary ingredients in the tank mix evenly, and then after cooling, carbonation filling.Large volume of secondary batching tank is required, and it is difficult to ensure the hygiene of large continuous production line to adopt the quantitative mixing method: the treatment water and syrup are mixed continuously in a certain proportion, and the carbonic acid gas is pressed into the filling.A cooler or a cooling carbonator is usually provided in the mixer.At present, the use of synchronous electric mixer.

Advantages: syrup and water ratio is accurate, filling capacity is easy to control;When the filling capacity changes, there is no need to change the proportion, and the product quality is consistent;The temperature of syrup and water is the same when filling, the bubble is less, the content of CO2 gas is easy to control and stabilize;The product quality is stable, the gas content is sufficient, the production speed is fast.Disadvantages are not suitable for carbonated drinks with pulp, complex equipment, mixing machine and syrup contact, washing and disinfection is not convenient

Combination filling, especially a filling pulp carbonated drinks according to the general method of combination synfuels fiasco, when filled with meat juice carbonated drinks, a bypass in the blending machine, and make the blending syrup pump in proportion into another line and not mixed with water, directly into the end of the mixer, using mixing it with carbonated water pump and control system, and then filling a filling method combination according to the general synfuels fiasco, join a bypass after blending machine, injection type mixer is adopted to improve the cooling, carbonate and filling