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Food Machine Code Spraying Machine Makes Food Production Safer

Nov 28, 2018

Due to the lack of integrity in some enterprises, food labels deliberately fraud or improper selection of code printer equipment, resulting in the production date or batch number and other information is not clear or easy to alter.

The automatic printing effect of the code printer is obvious, replacing the traditional manual operation, which is an improvement in work efficiency, but its code is relatively simple, can only be used for relatively flat paper, plastic bags and so on.If the round or irregular shape of the product is unable to use the code printer operation.What's more, the production date, batch number and other adhesion of the code printer are not strong, the definition is not high, easy to smear.Although the ribbon printer in print quality and clarity than other printers, but is not suitable for oily food type of coding.


At present, the emergence of the market inkjet code equipment can be a good solution to the code printer adhesion is not strong, not high definition of the problem, easy for consumers to identify, view.


The code jet printer from Shanghai mooha, like the code printer, works in a non-contact way. It can print the date of production, batch number and other information on food labels onto the product surface without touching the object surface.The difference is that the inkjet printer prints clear, durable characters that are not easy to alter.


In addition, the scope of the printer to print a wide range of Settings, modification is convenient.Production date, image, letter, bar code, qr code can be edited.Even if there is an operation error, only need to look up the information can be corrected, can ensure that the font is clear and visible, and easy to correct, so as to ensure the effect of the code.