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Food Machines Help The Market

May 16, 2018

Milk tea machine

Milk tea is deeply loved by many consumers, and it is not affected by the change of seasons and has a stable consumer group. Therefore, it is also a choice for many entrepreneurs.Many consumers may notice that many milk tea shops have special equipment for making milk tea.At present, there is a multi-functional beverage equipment in the market, which can produce milk tea, fruit juice and other four kinds of popular drinks.At the same time, we can adjust the beverage sales mix according to the season and different business areas to meet the flexible and changeable market demand.For example, milk tea machine, sealing machine, labelling machine and so on.With the development of science and technology, the milk tea industry will continue to move towards the intelligent direction, and also hope that the milk tea machinery manufacturing industry will follow up the research and development and improve the intelligent level of the equipment.

Wear string machine

BBQ and grill are deeply loved by many diners.Compared to manual threading, the automatic stringing machine works more efficiently.According to industry insiders, most of the machines are made of stainless steel and food-grade PE materials, which comply with international food safety requirements.At the same time, using advanced single chip technology, the combination of electric and pneumatic, can realize automatic signing, automatic wearing of meat.In addition, convenient and flexible switch, wear string of different products can meet the requirements, can wear beef, mutton string, chicken chain, squid, plain chain, such as wear out string size uniform, clean, without rubbing, taste good.

Snack car

Once upon a time, flavor snacks have gradually become people's leisure time essential delicious.However, traditional forms of the restaurent business snack will produce a series of problems, such as barbecue lampblack, Fried lampblack mishandled certain effects on the surrounding residents, will also pollute the environment.In addition, traditional street stalls, with little attention, will produce problems such as food hygiene, which will affect the safety of consumers.