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From The Moon Cake Machine To Talk About The Development Of Baking Equipment

Mar 08, 2019

China's food machinery industry has a short history of development, most enterprises are not high technical level, lack of production and operation experience, too much attention to expand output, and slow progress in improving the level of production technology.Food machinery enterprises in developed countries have advanced machinery manufacturing equipment and * enterprise management methods, making the enterprise production technology and management level in a leading position.


The food machinery industry in developed countries attaches importance to the collection of information in general, the company has set up a specialized organization to collect, sort out and analyze market information, and provide reliable and reliable market forecast and analysis for the company's decision-making in a timely manner. Small and medium-sized enterprises should join associations or groups to obtain the required information and publicize their products.China's food machinery enterprises information block, has not yet built the necessary information system, information source channel is single;Lack of communication between industry, industry, enterprises and research institutes;Enterprises do not know much about the same domestic industry, but also lack of understanding of similar foreign products.


At present, the new technologies promoted and applied in food machinery mainly include intelligent technology, nano technology, membrane separation technology, cold sterilization technology, extrusion technology, ultra-fine grinding technology and supercritical extraction technology.The advantages of nanotechnology and intelligent technology in baking machinery are particularly prominent.


Because nano-ceramic has good wear resistance, high strength and strong toughness, it can be used for manufacturing tools, packaging and food machinery seal rings, bearings, etc., to improve its wear resistance and corrosion resistance.In a wide wavelength range of infrared has a strong ability to absorb, can be used as infrared wave absorption and transmission materials, made of functional film or fiber, can be used in food machinery infrared drying and infrared sterilization equipment.After years of operation and development, the baking machinery industry is transitioning from the traditional simple type to the automatic type.


The control component system of intelligent technology has been widely used in the control system of food machinery. The programmable controller, various new sensors and microcomputer technology have been applied in various links of the production process of food machinery, especially in the mooncake machine of some large food processing lines.The intelligent electronic control components effectively connect each single machine of the food machinery together, which not only fully improves the production efficiency, but also further gives full play to the potential of the machine.