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How To Choose The Right Auger Powder Filler

Oct 11, 2018

How to Choose the Right Auger Powder Filler

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What Are Your Filling Needs?

One of the things you should know when choosing auger powder fillers is that this type of equipment comes with a certain filling range. For instance, there are fillers which can fill from 1 gram up to 4 ounces. There are also fillers with a filling range of 1 gram and up to 10 pounds. You need to find a filler that has a filling range that meets your needs.

What Products Will Be Used?

Another thing you need to consider when choosing an auger filler is what you’re going to use it for. There are fillers which are intended for filling powder, creams, lotions, liquids, and other products. There are also some fillers which are designed specifically for filling bottles and other containers. Determine what products you will be using the filler for, and find one that can accommodate either one, both, or all the products you will be using it for.

Additional Features

You should look for a filler which offers additional features, like those which have adjustable pads for uneven floors, stainless steel frames as well as top and side covers and other contact parts, as well as easy to use controls. You should also look for those which have slow speed agitation – this particular feature ensures that your product keeps flowing. Fillers with parts made out of stainless steel may cost a little bit more than their counterparts, but you can rest assured that these will last a long time.

The Price

How much the auger filler machine costs is another thing you should consider when buying one. This does not mean you should go with the cheapest. On the contrary, you should choose a filler that meets all of your needs, is made from great parts, can easily be operated, and can work with your product at the least cost. What you should look for is an auger filler that gives you the best value for your money and will provide a return on your investment.
Other things you should take into consideration are the warranty, customer service availability, and the feedback received from previous customers.

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