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How To Maintain Beverage Machinery To Increase The Service Life

Nov 14, 2018

The trial duration of beverage machinery and equipment, depending on use and after use at ordinary times, how to maintenance and maintenance, the correct and beverage machinery packaging machinery is the most commonly used in the production process, and the price is high, if often fail will losses to enterprises, so drink daily mechanical maintenance is important


Tighten the components of beverage machinery;Adjust the size of the machine according to the size of packaging;Regularly lubricate parts connection.The most important thing is that during the season change, the enterprise should thoroughly clean the machine again, keep the supporting facilities absolutely sealed, and keep the machine in a dry environment, so as to ensure that beverage machinery is not corroded by liquid.Before operating the beverage machinery must read the instructions in detail, familiar with the adjustment and use methods, must follow the instructions.According to the instructions of the beverage machinery, the vacuum pump should be maintained regularly, refueled (pay attention to maintain the oil level), and should not be allowed to invert, so as to avoid wrong operation of the pump and inverted pump, and the oil is poured into the vacuum system of the pump.Check the heat pressure frame sealing cloth (ptfe) for foreign matter and leveling to ensure sealing strength.Always check whether the machine is in good contact with the ground to ensure the safety of electricity.When the beverage machinery fault is found, the power shall be turned off in time, and when necessary, the emergency stop button shall be connected, the cover shall be lifted after the air release, and then the voltage shall be turned off to check the cause and troubleshoot the fault.


Some perishable packaging requires beverage machinery to be packed in an absolute vacuum environment, otherwise the damage to the product is beyond measure.The maintenance of beverage machinery during the season is very important. If the storage method is not right, the machine can not be used, which will greatly affect the production of enterprises.As soon as the beverage machinery is purchased, it should be checked by the whole machine. Especially, it is easy to make mistakes in fastening and lubrication when the machine is in operation. Therefore, it should be checked and maintained in time.