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How To Use Cookie Mechanism To Compose Cookies

Jan 02, 2019

Formula: cocoa powder, high gluten, low gluten, corn starch, milk powder, almond powder, butter, salt, sugar powder, milk, condensed milk

Production points: (1) operation to maintain the butter temperature in about 24 degrees, too high to liquefaction, too low to send.

(2) sieve into the low rib surface, turn and mix evenly.For a chocolate or matcha flavor, add 5 grams of cocoa or matcha powder and subtract the same amount of low-gluten flour.

(3) 1:1 butter and flour ratio, butter and flour, improve the butter ratio, make cookies crisp, butter flavor thick.

Preheat the oven to 130 degrees for 10 minutes and bake for 35 minutes.

Cookie machine with advanced technology, compact structure, multi-functional, simple operation and other characteristics, welcomed by the majority of users, but also investors in the current market ideal of one of the new instruments and machinery.The machine has a variety of molds, can produce dozens of kinds of fancy cookies, users can adjust their choice according to needs.Shaped fancy cookies and cookies, unique shape, clear pattern, beautiful shape.The green billet produced by this machine can be baked by hot air rotary furnace and tunnel furnace.

Cookie machine is divided into electric heating and fuel oil two categories, with automatic temperature control, over temperature protection, timing, humidification, hot air circulation, food vehicle into the furnace, rotary baking, uniform color, fast production.Cookies machine can be used to dry, bake a variety of bread, cake, meat products and a variety of pastry pasta.It is widely used in the canteen of food factory, bakery, office and unit, as well as individual food processing plant, cake room and western bakery.