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How To Use The Oven To Dry The Inflammable And Explosive Materials Correctly

Mar 04, 2019

For some combustible and explosive materials, we need to pay attention to the safe use of the oven.No special requirements, we do not recommend the use of hot air circulation oven for drying flammable and explosive materials, although the hot air circulation oven design principle can be through exhaust to avoid explosion, but if the volatile reaction speed is very fast flammable and explosive materials, common exhaust is still useless.If it is necessary to dry it, we suggest that the physical and chemical properties should be evaluated first, within the allowed range, before the actual operation.

For general materials, although the possibility of explosion is very low, but in actual use, we still recommend the following operation requirements:

1. Other things cannot be placed on the floor of the studio. Materials in the studio cannot be stuffed.

2. Start the exhaust system before use, then put the material in, and then start the heating system.

3, if the material will produce gas in the heating process, increase the exhaust air, the gas directly out of the oven.

4. Carefully monitor the heating process of the temperature controller. In case of any emergency, please cut off the heating device at the first time.