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Ice Making Machine To Meet Production Demand

Nov 22, 2018

Typically, the ice maker has a cooling system, through which water flows to a designated thickness of ice, which is then de-iced with high pressure hot gas.According to the principle of evaporator and formation process, the shape of ice generated is different.Ice machine can be divided into square ice machine, snow ice machine, pellet ice machine, tube ice machine, plate ice machine, shell ice machine, etc.


Ice cubes of different shapes are suitable for different dining places and have different functions.For example, the ice produced by the ice machine is not regular in shape, it is hollow in length and not easy to melt. Therefore, it is suitable for food preservation in supermarkets, cafeterias, fishing boats and other places.The sheet ice produced by the machine can directly contact with Japanese food such as sashimi, which is suitable for use in seafood restaurants, sushi restaurants and other places.Ice cubes are mostly seen in milk tea shops, coffee shops and other places. Adding this kind of ice cubes into drinks has a better effect on aesthetics and cooling effect.