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Inkjet Ink Processing

Sep 03, 2019

1. Stay away from fire sources:

Inks and solvents used by inkjet printers are flammable substances, improper use may cause fire.

Two, code jet airframe grounding:

According to the code jet principle, grounding can lead to the charge of the airframe, avoid the impact of the electric field of the ink.

Iii. Wear protective equipment:

In the case of eye protection, gloves, masks, etc., if solvent and ink accidentally splash into the eyes, immediately rinse with water for at least 10 minutes, and seek medical advice as appropriate.

Iv. Good state during downtime and maintenance:

When daily maintenance and cleaning are not needed for a long time, the inkjet machine in the printing state should be switched to the suspended or stopped state, and then return to the printing state after blowing the balloon to dry gently.(be careful not to blow the ink line)

V. matters needing attention when moving the fuselage:

In the mobile jet code machine or adjust the printing position, to maintain the body level and sprinkler head protection, prevent ink leakage and damage to the sprinkler head.

Vi. Check sprinkler head when out of use:

In the use of code jet should first press the stop button to stop, and then check whether the nozzle is clean, if there is residual ink application solvent wash and then shut down.