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Installation And Maintenance Of French Fries Insulated Cabinet

Nov 29, 2018

Precautions for installation:

1. The French fries insulated cabinet shall be placed on the table or support frame in a stable and ventilated place. The left and right sides shall be more than 10cm away from non-combustible substances, and the back shall be more than 10cm away from non-combustible substances (brick wall, etc.).

2. Screw the infrared bulb directly into the lamp holder before using the French fry incubator for the first time

3, arc plate, partition, French fries shelf, glass, and slag plate according to your location.

4, open the power switch, check whether the infrared light bulb will be lit, because the light bulb work at a higher temperature, the new machine, in the storage process may exist moisture, so the first power may appear like smoke evidence, which belongs to the normal image, time will disappear for a long time, you can rest assured to use.


5. The power supply voltage used in the French fries insulated cabinet must be consistent with the voltage of the product nameplate, and reliable grounding wire should be guaranteed when installing the equipment.


6. Please unplug the power cord when not in use for a long time. 

Maintenance method:

1. Keep the French fries insulated cabinet clean and hygienic. Please wipe it with a wet towel when cleaning, and avoid direct spraying and washing by sprinkler pipe.

2, the oil tray should be regularly to pour oil, cleaning, to avoid excessive residual oil and outflow.

3. The bulb and switch shall be inspected regularly and replaced as soon as possible if any damage is found.