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Introduction Of Coffee Packing Machine

Aug 20, 2019

Performance features:

1. Special ear type filter screen is adopted, which is sealed on three sides and directly hung on the edge of the cup. The coffee brewing effect is better and the bag shape is beautiful, which is very popular in foreign markets at present.

2. This machine can automatically complete bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, printing batch Numbers and other functions.

3, the use of precision control system to adjust the whole machine action, compact structure, human-machine interface design, easy to operate, easy to adjust, easy to maintain.

4. The inner bag length is driven by servo motor, with accurate positioning and stable bag length.

The outer bag adopts photoelectric switch positioning, step by step pulling film, the bag length is accurate and beautiful.

5, the inner bag is non-woven hanging ear bag, brewing convenient and sanitary.

Sealing with advanced ultrasonic sealing, sealing effect is good, beautiful bag.

Suitable for: coffee powder, small granular materials.