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Introduction To Hot Dog Production Process

Dec 10, 2018

Bread is an important part of hot dogs. In the production process, in addition to kneading and kneading the raw materials, bread also needs to adjust its shape. Finally, according to the requirements of the production process, bread is put into the oven several times and then packaged.


Among them, the production of the shape can be carried out by the automatic toaster production line. The equipment includes a series of processes such as continuous pressing, surface finishing, rolling, flower making, quantitative cutting, filling and automatic plate placing.Through the collection of photoelectric induction, electromagnetic induction, human-computer interface, bionics technology, the bread shape and state perception.Among them, the automatic plate-setting device contains various forms. When the bread materials are arranged in a neat way, the transmission belt in the plate-setting device will be removed, making the bread materials fall into the prepared plate due to inertia.


After baking in bulk, bread usually bulges and sticks together, requiring cutting.The bread cutting table can be set to quickly cut bread with different widths and lengths.Daily bread cutting experience tells us that bread will appear crumbs after cutting, so cleaning and finishing of bread cutting table is particularly important, of course, you can also use laser cutting equipment, to avoid the residue of bread on the blade.