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Introduction To The Pie Machine

Dec 27, 2018

Preformed pastry dough embryo, through the photoelectric transmission belt, by three progressive rolling molding machine pressing surface, rolling surface, before rolling by adding stuffing, packing stuffing rolling after the column by pinching machine mouth, clustering, forming, so that the thickness of the product uniform, stability of the tendon.The recipe bread is shaped by a knife cutting mechanism.Imitation of pure manual production, to ensure that products baking process is not affected, the appearance of flat, smooth, natural, beautiful, crisp skin sub - distinct.


The pie machine USES three stages of progressive thinning to press the crust into the appropriate thickness.The filling material is filled to the surface by the automatic filling machine, and the surface is rolled into cylindrical shape by the rolling wheel, and then cut into spherical shape by the forming tool.Long strip cake embryo, the whole forming process will not destroy the surface of the rubber band, completely maintain the original taste.Reasonable design, high degree of automation, accurate control mechanism, is the ideal mooncake manufacturers utility model of food packaging machinery, its use can improve the product grade, so that the enterprise visibility.At the same time it can save a lot of labor, thus reducing production costs.