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Introduction To The Use Of Bread Line

May 18, 2018

Bread production line is suitable for automatic production, widely used in milk sweet bread, wire drawing, caterpillar French bread, Swiss roll silk bread, bread twist, sliced bread, jam, bread, with fillings of bread baking food processing industry, etc.

Introduction to the use of bread production line:

The skin is more glossy and more stable with the rolling and rolling of two pressure surface wheels and rolling surface equipment.Each pressure face wheel has a thickness adjustment device to set the thickness of the dough to add or reduce the weight of the product;

The surface can be controlled by the electric eye through the pressure surface wheel and the rolling machine, so that the skin will not be blocked by the machine's speed too fast or too slow.

Through the final main engine pressure surface wheel, the skin will fall on the main conveyor belt, and then roll the dough into strips by the rollers and coils.

If you want to produce a piece of goods, you can open the power supply of the separated cutting table and set the length of the cut length to determine the length and size of the product.

It is more convenient to operate with synchronous speed regulation.

Multiple sets of tools can be replaced to produce diversified products.

The bread production line is characterized by high degree of automation, large reduction of manpower needs, improvement of production efficiency and cost reduction, which is one of the main reasons for customers to choose bread production.

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