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Labeling Machine Operation In The Common Exception Handling

May 13, 2019

Missing or not labeled.When this situation is found, there are generally two reasons: first, the photoelectric head is far from the bottle body, and the parallel distance between the photoelectric head and the label damper can be adjusted;Second, photoelectric head low sensitivity, adjustable potentiometer knob.

Continuous bidding.Sticker automatic labeling machine large continuous out of the target, there are two reasons: one is the photoelectric head sensitivity, adjust the potentiometer knob;The other is that the diaphaneity of the trench photoelectric head is not enough, that is, the sensitivity is not enough to adjust the distance between the potentiometer and the traffic light.

Tags are discounted.Many users reported that the sticker automatic labeling machine in the labeling process, label discount.The industry said that this phenomenon is generally because the label roller is too high, the user can adjust the label roller damper or adjust the label roller fixing frame lifting wheel.

There are generally three reasons for this.First, the transmission speed is too fast, can reduce the transmission speed;Second, the speed of sending and labeling is improper, adjust the labeling speed;Third, the pressure standard shaft pressure spring is too tight, adjust the pressure standard shaft pressure spring.

Typing is unstable.Adhesive automatic labeling machine if the delivery, delivery, labeling three speed too fast, the code machine can not respond to the situation, can adjust the three speed.