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Labelling Machine Is Indispensable In Food Machinery

Apr 16, 2018

Frequent food safety problems, consumers will go to the supermarket to buy food habitually look at the label on food packaging, each commodity circulation will indicate the production date and shelf-life, packaging labels information carrier way to implement. Food labeling is the important embodiment of track and manage product means the food industry, such as abnormal activated recall mechanism can be accurately and timely, important evidence in many food rights disputes on food labels, it is the certificate of food. The labeling machine plays a very important role in the food, because each label is stamped on the label.


In the seventies and s, because of the limitation of the people's living standards related to food and so on to the market demand is not many, at that time in the packaging industry mainly depends on artificial manual operation, manual labeling will be inefficient, however, attached with a skew, a series of problems such as uneven thickness of glue and fold, the appearance of the label making machine greatly improved work efficiency, and attached with a location accurate, good quality, high stability. But because our country is not yet more specification industry standards to provide the reference for the majority of packaging machinery industry, therefore, the development of the label making machine show a more confused state, manufacturers can only from the aspects of price, specification and other objective to win the market. The imitation phenomenon is serious, the high-end product is lack, only stay at the low level, and some enterprises also adopt price competition, leading to the market chaos in our country's label machine. Have to say, however, the prospect of the labeling machine industry was widely anticipated, therefore, in the fierce competition environment, label making machine industry to satisfy different customers' needs, ensure users all kinds of required to produce the development opportunities, not malicious competition at a low price, with quality as the core of enterprise marketing management, promoting the healthy growth of the label making machine industry. In addition, on the road to development, the labeling machine should be more pragmatic. In the next few years, we should constantly improve the quality of products and build a new brand image, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of long-term and benign development of the company.

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