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Liquid Food Packaging Innovation And Upgrading

Mar 19, 2020

Taking liquid aseptic packaging as an example, its packaging is mainly made of multi-layer film structure and equipped with sealing parts such as filling mouth, which is used for filling compound bags of sterilized liquid food.The packing bag is inner packing, which can be used with cartons, cartons, wooden cases, drums and other containers.It is understood that compared with the same capacity of rigid packaging containers, aseptic packaging bag is economical, can save a lot of raw materials, and can be used as both storage and transport packaging, processing, filling and extraction diversification.

Now, with the consumption structure upgrade, people pay more and more attention to product quality and safety, reversed transmission much packaging enterprise upgrading product innovation, not only meet the food, especially liquid food packaging requirements, ensure that the product packaging quality, at the same time give packaging environmental protection idea, realize packaging can be recycled, injected new momentum for the food packaging industry.