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Maintenance Of Powder Packaging Machine Packaging System

Jun 19, 2018

Powder packaging machine has the advantage of simple structure and simple operation. Now the factory has begun to use a lot of powder packaging machine.But in the hydraulic drive system, there are some more sophisticated parts.People feel that the full automation of powder packaging machine is not only convenient and efficient, but also easy to damage.The main reason is that it is not clear about its working principle and structural characteristics, so it is not clear about its preventive maintenance methods.

The packaging system has three basic "disease-causing" factors: pollution, overheating and entering the air.These three adverse factors are closely interrelated, and when one of them is raised, another or more problems will arise.It has been proved by practice that 76% of the causes of "disease" in the packaging system are caused by these three factors.The working oil deteriorates as a result of entering the dirt;Overheating causes system damage and hydraulic oil deterioration;Into the air.

Solution: the system of some of the major cleaning and assembly of precision parts, should be carried out in a very clean indoor, indoor environment clean floor and airtight doors and Windows, you'd better keep in 16 degrees Celsius temperature.Attention should be paid to the storage and transfer of working oil.Special marks should be added to the oil drums and covered up.In winter, be careful not to condense the air into water and mix in the oil, do not put the rusting pieces of the bucket into the bucket.When the machine is working, try to keep the oil temperature within 20-65 degrees Celsius.Cool summer pay attention to the machine, the winter of motors and other mechanical systems adopted by several prevention measures, such as cover frost, heat insulation, switch to low viscosity hydraulic oil, etc., are used in packing system.In winter and under bad working conditions, the powder packaging machine system should be inspected, maintained and frequently replaced with hydraulic oil.