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Mooncake Production Line Features

Jun 11, 2019

The mooncake machine can be divided into guang-type mooncake machine and su-type mooncake machine, the mooncake machine production line is composed of several machines.The mooncake machine, also known as the "automatic filling machine", is a device that automatically mixes the filling and noodles, and then automatically puts the filling and bread together and presses them into mooncakes.Mooncakes made by mooncake makers consist of three layers: a marking layer, a skin layer and a filling inner layer.Can be made into flat circle, oval, square, rectangular moon cake.The marking layer is located above the skin layer, and the inner core layer of the filler is located in the middle of the skin layer.Beans, red beans, egg yolk, nuts and other ingredients stir evenly, made into a unique taste, rich nutrition.