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New Technology Lets The Packing Efficiency Rises Substantially

Dec 06, 2018

The principle of this new technology is to combine the main body of the coating with the preservative and anti-mildew additive to form an environment-friendly coating, and apply the coating process and micro-capsule granulation technology to coat the coating on the surface of the film, so that it has the above-mentioned preservative, high barrier, anti-mildew performance.According to the relevant practical application, the barrier property of this kind of packaging material on dried fruit food can be increased by 4 times as much as that of ordinary materials, the preservation time can be extended by 1-3 times, and the anti-mildew effect can be increased by about 80%.It can be seen that the utilization of this technology not only has very large economic benefits for the production enterprises, but also greatly improves the product quality and safety. Take dried fruit kind food to say again, include walnut, want to pass, peanut, raisin to wait a moment, it is to use the equipment such as dryer, dryer to make.Most people know, dried fruit is very high to the sealing sex requirement of the package, if produce the condition of air leakage of the package, not close, can be affected by damp easily moldy, affect quality.Packaging materials made with new technology have obvious advantages in barrier and freshness preservation, which are of great application value to this kind of food.Production enterprises should always pay attention to the market innovation dynamics, grasp the trend of the tide, and bring better technology into production. The article links: http://www.foodjx.com/news/detail/131208.html of China food machinery equipment