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Nigeria: High Demand For Packaging Machinery

Apr 26, 2018

Nigeria's soft packaging market is the second-largest soft packaging market after South Africa, according to new data.Imports have been a significant proportion.As the world's largest consumer market of MSG and soup, the consumption in Nigeria is as high as 10,000 tons.Biscuits, instant noodles and other products are also popular in the market.Nigeria imports about 12,000 tons of tea a year to meet the needs of the domestic market;Drinks mainly have good thirst drinks varieties, such as mineral water, tea drinks, such as the rapid growth of the young people also led to carbonated drinks, fruit juice and functional drinks a lot of imports. 

Despite the rapid development of the food packaging industry in recent years, local manufacturing products can only meet 66% of the market demand.In the future, with the growth of the middle class and the improvement of the retail market, the food packaging industry will continue to grow rapidly.

According to relevant data, the trade volume between China and Africa has been growing steadily in recent years.For historical reasons, western products dominate the African region.Now, with the increase of Chinese products, Chinese products have gained some recognition in the local area.

As is known to all, Africa is a region rich in natural resources, but considering the long-term development.Many countries in the African region have developed long-term economic development plans, including the establishment of a diversified industrial system, and the development of textile, manufacturing and information industries.Some of these plans are already in place.In the process of implementing these plans, there are a lot of opportunities for Chinese enterprises.

It is reported that agriculture is the main industry of west African countries to develop economy, to overcome the problem of crop preservation, to improve the backward agricultural distribution status, and to develop food processing industry in west Africa.There is a huge demand for local fresh machinery.Manufacturers in China to expand the market, west Africa for food preservation machinery, such as dry, dehydrated preservation of mechanical equipment, vacuum packaging machine, pasta machine, candy machine, noodle machine, food processing machinery and equipment, and other packaging equipment to strengthen sales efforts.