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Notes For Use Of Bread Forming Machine

Nov 19, 2019

A few things to note when using a toaster:

1. When using, remove the sundries inside and outside the fuselage and make sure all components are dry.

2. After the bread machine is completely cooled, clean it, dry it and store it.
When storing, install the bread bucket and stirring vane in the oven, cover with the top cover. Do not place any heavy objects on the surface of the top cover.

3. Do not pull out the plug during the operation of bread motor, otherwise the bread machine will stop working and will not continue this operation.

4. Keep the inside and outside of the toaster clean.

5. Do not place the machine under high temperature or next to the machine under high temperature, and keep a distance of at least 10 cm from one wall, so as not to contaminate the wall with heat radiation.

6. Please place the machine on a fixed insulating surface, not on the surface of cloth and flammable materials.

7. Do not place any objects on the toaster. Keep the air vent clear during operation.

8. When cutting bread, be sure to take out the stirring blade at the bottom of the bread first.

9. Ingredients should be added to the bread bucket, not scattered in the oven.
Ingredients should be sorted once into the bread bucket and then placed in the toaster oven.

10. Do not open the cover of the toaster for a long time during use.

11. The temperature of the upper cover and shell surface may be higher when the toaster is working.

12. Do not use the toaster near curtains or other combustible materials or under them.