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On The Market Competitiveness Of Domestic Rotary Furnace

Jun 17, 2019

Rotating furnace products market competition.The products of rotary ovens in China are mainly obtained by import or mapping imitation, many technical know-how have not been mastered, innovation ability is not strong and intellectual property rights problems restrict the development of these rotary ovens food machinery.And the foreign rotary furnace food machinery mainly relies on technical advantages and technical barriers to obtain the competitive advantage of our country's food machinery, which has occupied the main market share of our country's rotary furnace food machinery for a long time.They are also using their own advantages to compete for China's market, so China's rotating furnace food machinery market competition, in fact, is the fierce competition in the international market in China's food machinery industry continuation;And the focus of market competition is not quantity, but technology, standards and product quality competition.