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Packaging Machinery Automation Development Trend

Mar 29, 2019

Packaging automation has become an inevitable trend, but now packaging automation can only be said to be relative, to achieve real automation, there is a long way to go, will encounter a series of problems.From the definition of packaging automation, it is the use of automated devices to control and manage the packaging process, so that it is in accordance with pre-specified procedures automatically.In the whole process of social circulation, packaging can play the role of protection, beautification, publicity, sales of products, improve the competitiveness of goods.

In the continuous and large-scale industrial production process, packaging is the latter process.In today's society, packaging automation has been applied in all kinds of industrial production and social development, the application in food, medicine, relatively more widely, the forms and physical properties of different drugs will be more problems encountered in the process of detection, and after testing data transmission and processing, the requirement of control system will not stay in the current this part, it needs the joint efforts of electronic industry and packaging industry, need pharmaceutical packaging machinery to new electronic technology application to practice in time, need two industry to explore.We are on the way for medical packaging machinery automation to define automation is more and more widely, more and more thin, research is becoming more and more deep, up from a mechanical automation automation of the whole packaging workshop, from part of the packaging process to the whole packaging process, the design of the whole production line and the workshop will be an inevitable trend.

International packaging world attaches great importance to improve the packing machinery processing and the whole packaging system general ability, so packaging machinery spare parts production specialization is the inevitable trend in the development, a lot of parts by the packaging machinery factory production no longer, but by some common standard parts factory production, some special parts by highly specialized production factory production, really famous packing machine factory will likely be assembly plant.This is a long and arduous process, each manufacturer has their own Chinese packaging industry core technology, how to make everyone to comply with the standard agreement, there is a long way to go.