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Peanut Butter Packaging Machine Is Widely Used

Mar 01, 2019

Peanut butter is the product before peanut oil is made.Due to its rich nutrition, delicate taste, and accompanied by a rich taste of peanuts, many diners love.It is known that China is a major peanut producer in the world, and its total output, single output and export volume are among the top in the world.


Currently, peanut butter accounts for more than 35 percent of China's consumption of edible peanuts.And the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other northwest European countries peanut butter accounts for about 13%;Peanut butter consumption in Japan is about 5%;Canada, Mexico and other American countries account for about 10% of peanut butter consumption.Comparatively speaking, peanut butter has great consumption potential in domestic and foreign markets.

In order to promote the sales and promotion of peanut butter, Shanghai mooha, as a manufacturer specializing in the production of packaging machine, specially developed a full-automatic packaging machine suitable for peanut butter and other sauce body food packaging, and widely used in ketchup, honey, jam, chili sauce and other food packaging.