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Popcorn Machine Purchase And Matters Needing Attention

Nov 04, 2019

The selection of popcorn machine shall be compared and referred to according to the customer's requirements. Please pay attention to whether it conforms to the characteristics and whether the performance is stable. The equipment of popcorn machine is specifically composed of the following structure:

1. The shell adopts 4.0 high-quality stainless steel, which is clean, hygienic and easy to scrub.

2. Heating equipment.Using liquefied gas heating, fast heating, low energy consumption, low cost;

3. Double happiness pressure cooker is adopted as the pot body.The thickness of the body wall of the pot is up to 4mm and the diameter of the pot is 24 inches.A pressure cooker body can be used for 5 to 10 years will not break, stainless steel agitator, single door, handle gantry bracket, portable very convenient, innovative and practical.The shaft of the mixer is covered with copper tube, which is both wear-resistant and easy.The thickness of the cover plate is up to 0.7mm, strong and non-deformation;

4. High bursting rate, up to 98%, when the pot does not touch the pot, not paste the pot;

5. Easy to control, 24V dc, no risk of electric shock.Fool operation, no culture of the people, but also 3 minutes to learn;

6. Fast speed, 2 minutes to 3 minutes a pot;

7. The stirring part is the bottom stirring, double-layer flexible mixer, which will not damage the machine because the corn will jam the mixer;

8. Single pot single motor, double pot double motor, strong independence, non-interference;

9. Single motor only 30W, battery charge can be used for several hours to several days, low loss.Popcorn machine equipment is suitable for the burst of new "zhen-zhu huang, yellow rose", such as a special variety of popcorn, popcorn machine burst in the production of various unique flavors of popcorn, with love is your popcorn machine equipment production popcorn contains the human body to protein, fat, cellulose, can promote children's brain development, protection, strengthen anti-cancer function, prevention and cure stomach trouble, reduce weight, is also very beneficial in patients with diabetes, are children and elderly ideal health food.Is the ideal leisure food for young people, at the same time, also get the majority of young people's favor.