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Procedures For Operation Of Electronic Balance

Mar 28, 2019

1. Before using the balance, put the balance horizontally and adjust the foot screws to center the horizontal bubble.

2. Before the first weighing, the balance must be calibrated. Preheat the balance for 1 hour and then press ON/OFF button.Put the calibration weight (200g) on the weigher plate, press TARE key to display "CALEnd" for about 2 seconds, then show "200.000g" and take off the weight, then show "0.000g" to be weighed.

3. After the balance is calibrated, open the glass door, put the weighing object on the weighing plate lightly, and close the glass door. When the display value is stable, the weighing value of the item can be read.

4. Shanghai mooha import & export co., LTD, the weigher shall not fall onto the weigher plate from a height. The balance shall be kept clean and dry.

Electronic balance cleans the instrument and records the usage of the instrument.