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Purpose Of Dough Fermentation By Dough Proofer

Oct 15, 2018

Bread dough proofer is according to the principle of bread fermentation and requirements for design of electric heating products, it is the use of electricity heat pipe by heating the water dish in the oven temperature control circuit, make it produce relative humidity 80 ~ 85%, the temperature 35 ℃ and 40 ℃ zui suitable for fermentation environment, are essential to improve the quality of bread production equipment.The bread starter's main function is to ferment our pressed dough to give it a better play on its toughness so that the steamed dough is softer and the cooked one is softer and more delicious.Bread dough proofer is widely used in hotel, cake bakery, steamed bread room, steamed bun shop and other food production industries.


Technical features of bread starter:


1. The design of ultra-luxury outer box, the whole machine structure is safe and reasonable;


2. Internal thermal insulation layer is installed to ensure safety and improve thermal efficiency;


3. Add glass observation window, which is convenient and practical.


Function of bread dough proofer:


The purpose of fermentation is to make the dough produce gas and leaven, so as to obtain the required volume of the finished product, and to make the steamed bread and bread products have better edible quality.The moulded dough must be roused and regenerated to allow the dough to expand to an appropriate volume.


The main factors affecting the quality of steamed bread are temperature, humidity and time.


(1) temperature


To wake temperature range, general control in 34-36 ℃.The temperature is too high, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the dough is large, which makes the dough wake unevenly, resulting in inconsistent internal tissues of the steamed bread products, rough external tissues and insufficient internal fermentation.If the temperature is too low, it will wake up too slowly and take too long, which will affect the production cycle.


(2) the humidity


The humidity has little effect on the volume, tissue and granule of steamed bread, but more on the shape, appearance and epidermis of steamed bread.If the humidity is too low, the surface moisture of the dough will evaporate too quickly and dry crack easily occurs.The humidity is too high and bubbles appear on the surface. After steaming, the bubbles shrink, leaving a "fish-eye".The rising humidity of steamed bread generally controls around 75%.


(3) time


The time of dough fermentation is the third important factor to be controlled in waking stage.Its length depends on the temperature, humidity and other related factors (such as product type, product ingredients, etc.) in the fermentation room.


With the advantages of compact structure, elegant appearance, simple operation and convenient use, the bread starter box is an indispensable equipment to improve the quality of bread production.