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Sauce Packing Machine

Nov 16, 2018

Shanghai mooha is a professional food processing and packaging equipment manufacturer.Main products are: material package machine, sauce package machine, tea packaging machine and all kinds of food processing and packaging equipment.The company is committed to machinery and equipment manufacturing and food technology in the food sector.

1. The configuration of the sauce packing machine

1. Adopt microcomputer controller and large LCD display of man-machine interface to realize intelligent control.

2. Adopt thermocouple sampling, digital conversion and temperature compensation technology.Temperature is accurate and stable to ensure sealing quality.

3. Use pneumatic module sealing technology to make bags smooth and beautiful.

4. New adjustable exhaust device is adopted, which greatly improves the exhaust effect.

5. Single structure with complete specifications and convenient replacement, meeting the multi-use needs of users.

6. New horizontal pneumatic metering mechanism with simple structure, adjustable measurement within a certain range, accurate and stable.

7. The new horizontal mixing device is equipped with simple structure and the stirring effect is obviously superior to the traditional vertical stirring.

Second, the sauce package installed advantage

1. It can extend the warranty period of products and facilitate the loading, unloading and circulation of products.May make the product circulation scope wider.

2. High precision of bag making and stepless adjustment of bag length, easy to operate.

3. Improve the quality and beauty of product packaging, ensure the health and safety of products, and enhance the wider circulation of goods and the competitiveness of the market.

4. Realized the specialization in the packaging production process, improved the working efficiency and saved the expense of personnel.

5. It can reduce the utilization of factory land. If the general production process is operated by workers, it needs to occupy a large area, but the packaging machine will not.Sauce package installed economically applicable, do not take place, more convenient to operate.

Iii. Application field of sauce packing machine (application scope)

Sauce packing machine is especially suitable for liquid packaging.Mainly used in convenient food seasoning, jam, base material of hotpot, hotpot material and, bean paste, chili sauce, beef sauce and other sauce package.In addition can also be used for packaging shampoo, shampoo, shower gel, hand cream, honey, Chinese ointment and other daily necessities.