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Semi-automatic Transparent Film Overwrapping Machine Machine Introduction

Apr 02, 2018

Semi-automatic transparent film overwrapping machine machine introduction 

Semi-automatic transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine uses and performance characteristics


Semi-automatic transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine is widely used in three-dimensional body wrappers for larger box-type packaging items in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, health care products, audio-visual products, stationery products, daily necessities and other industries.

Performance characteristics:

1. The price of the machine is low, and the price is only about one-third of the fully automatic transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine.

2. Molds are cheap and easy to replace. A single machine can do dozens of packaging.

3. The machine is light and beautiful, and the packaging site is not limited by the weight of the machine.

4. The operation is simple, that is, learning will be, without professional operation.