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Several Common Baking Problems And Solutions

Jun 13, 2018

The problems frequently encountered during the baking process are as follows:

The preheating temperature of the oven is insufficient.The moulded product is then put into the oven, which makes the baking time longer and the water evaporates excessively.Therefore, the roasting loss is large, the surface of the product is thick and the color is light, which is because the heat is insufficient, the skin cannot be fully coking, so that there is no golden color, and the internal tissue is rough.In addition, the long opening time of the furnace door causes the temperature of the furnace to drop.

The oven is too hot.During roasting, the product surface formed a hard skin too early, which suppressed the internal tissue expansion, and because of the rapid coloring of the product surface, the operator mistakenly believed that the product had been baked and finished the roasting in advance.The inside of this product is more viscous and dense, so it is not as soft as it should be and has no normal taste.

The air is too long after the oven is preheated.Dry heat too long internal furnace gathered too much heat, a charging and low temperature products, all of the heat source can be in the initial phase of the baking process focused on product surface, form is too touchy, then disappear fast cooling, heat caused by unstable temperature in the furnace internal hard boiled.Its improvement method can put a glass of water in the preheating first to reduce the heat;Or before the product enters the furnace, open the furnace door to let the cold air enter, drive away the excess heat to stabilize the furnace temperature.

The product is improperly positioned on the baking tray.It causes uneven heating.The improved method is to change the arrangement and adjust the space between the products so that the heating is more even.Only with a good heat cycle can the product become golden yellow.

Bake too long or too late.The height of furnace temperature, the length of time should be adjusted with the number of products, the number of products with a small number of roasting pan space more, metal conduction heat radiation heat energy, so the bottom fire should be lower;And product is large pattern, and bottom can be higher, the length of the baking time should also be flexible adjustment, most products charging heating is absorbed by the skin and surrounding the center of the heat transfer to the product, so the product can be made of the change of the outer skin to observe the baking conditions, products from the outgoing internal heat, steam water molecule is formed and make the product center expansion uplift, but has not been cured, until the dough or batter after pasting continue to heat the gas evaporation, in turn, coloring, peripheral products slightly away from the mold.If the baking continues, the finished product will begin to scorch and the finished product will be darker and drier.

The temperature changes too much during baking.It will cause the product to contract violently, so we must pay attention to the stability of temperature and avoid vibration during the baking process.

The side of the product after furnace shrinkage cavity.In general, the introduction of immediately from the inside of the pan or torque, so that we can avoid excessive contraction, if still cannot solve, may be the oven time too little or too much moisture inside formula, it is necessary to extend the baking a time or reduce the water in the formula.

In addition, different types and properties of the oven will also cause differences in time and temperature.

In a word, as a baker should accumulate rich experience continuously, but also pay attention to improvisation and flexibility, so as to achieve superb skills.