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Shortbread Packaging Makes Shortbread Last Longer

Mar 18, 2020

Shortcake packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of biscuits, rice, snow cake, egg yolk pie, chocolate, bread, moon cake, instant noodles, moon cake, medicine, daily necessities, industrial parts, paper box or tray and other kinds of regular objects.

Shortbread has a special brand of fat burning shortcake named.

Fat burning crisp with good lard, mix with the right amount of steamed flour, add the right amount of prickly ash, cinnamon when the oil, oil out of the Fried crisp prickly ash, cinnamon, and flour into the filling.

Burn skin with sesame oil and flour, the package into the furnace, with a gentle fire baked.

It is characterized by crisp skin, flesh is exotic but not greasy.

Preservation of shortbread

Its crispness varies with temperature, humidity, and season. Please remember that not all food is suitable for the refrigerator!

For example, green pepper, cucumber as long as room temperature can be stored, put in the refrigerator easy to become black and soft;

Pastries dry faster, so don't put them in the fridge.

Proper preservation method of shortbread: keep it sealed (such as fresh bag, food bag tightly sealed), keep it in a cool and dry place away from light, but only for a short time.

Technical features:

1, the use of international famous brand PLC, reliable performance, durable;

2. The machine bag, metering, filling, sealing, coding and bag cutting can be counted in one time;

3, the servo motor synchronous wheel film, film resistance is small, beautiful bags;

The belt is not easy to wear;

4, the use of clamping, feeding device, effectively prevent broken bags.