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Small Tea Bag Automatic Packaging Machine Quality

Nov 13, 2018

The basic packing principle of the automatic packaging machine for small tea bags is to heat up the composite film to have the plasticity and processing, use the installed packaging machine to shape the mold, transport the film material to the mold system, press out the shape of the packaging bag, finally fill the goods to be packed into the packaging bag, and finally carry out the vacuum treatment.


Automatic vertical packaging machine is the most common machine in our daily packaging production.The maintenance of the equipment is very important. The improper maintenance results in the low service life of the full-automatic vacuum packaging machine.

The following is the small bag tea automatic packaging machine maintenance details.


First, add lubricant periodically.Due to the long working time, the internal machine is not in good condition and the internal is not in good condition.It is recommended to add every 80 days.


Second, security.The standard pressure of small tea bag packaging machine is 0.3mpa.Otherwise, the machine will be paralyzed.And the fully automatic vertical packaging machine must have the perfect grounding device to work, this is a very important problem.


Third, the internal inspection of the machine.Before each operation, the machine must be checked internally.The inspection items include air source, power supply, vibration plate cleaning, thermocouple, cutter, etc.


Fourth, when moving small tea bag automatic packaging machine must ensure upright state, do not bump, tilt, put down.


Scope of application: screws, hardware accessories, wall plug, toys, electronic components accessories, sanitary accessories and so on.Beautiful packaging, easy to use!


How to identify the quality of small tea bag packaging machine?


Packaging machine is now in the market is our more common packaging machine, is also one of the most commonly used packaging machine.Judging from the existing vacuum packaging machine on the market, this kind of packaging machine has not high technical requirements, there are a lot of materials and sizes, the price is also high and low, but how to identify the quality of the fully automatic vacuum packaging machine?


The quality of the small automatic packaging machine for tea bags can be seen from the appearance of the machine. The edges and corners of the good machine are smooth, without rough edges or rough edges.


Also has is the full automatic vacuum packing machine key component: the vacuum pump, USES the steel, the electric equipment disposition, the processing technology and the detail processing and so on.


For example, the important vacuum pump, look at the brand, because that determines the good vacuum pump difference.For the use of appearance materials, there are currently spray paint and stainless steel, stainless steel model is also different, is 304 steel.Still have the configuration of electric equipment to divide domestic and import two kinds.Finally, the processing technology and details determine the machine's service life and failure frequency.