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Space Food Processing Technology, Packaging High Requirements In The Future Will Enter The Public Table

Dec 11, 2018

As we all know, living in a weightless environment in space, simply eating becomes a challenge.Of course, food is also different from the earth.After many of these space practices, research has found that space food requires rich nutrition, hygiene, convenient to eat, and light weight, small size.At present, the food that provides astronaut edible, category is numerous, have nutrition not only good compress changes dry biscuit and change sausage, also have the fry dish that installs in space meal box, meatball, meat product to wait, when eating, use blister, can restore the flavour close with fresh food.In addition, there are fresh fruit, bread, chocolate, as well as ketchup and other seasoning packages.


Generally speaking, in order to prevent food debris flying around, affect the normal work of astronauts or equipment, most of the food is mainly small packaging, made and mouth size similar to the square, rectangular block or small ball "eat" food, eat when there is no need to cut.If the astronauts want to drink water, or eat soup, soup, juice, jam, directly from the plastic pocket or toothpaste shaped soft aluminum tube, the use of squeeze or suction is more reasonable.As mentioned above, the space food developed by the enterprise is also used for three times. It is very convenient to eat.


According to relevant personnel, the enterprise as the astronaut sauce suppliers participate in the development and the development of space food, and research and development on the packaging of products is improved and adjusted, from hand packing into squeezing toothpaste type, let the astronaut opened the package using a still can continue to use, not only reduce food packaging garbage takes up space, and more secure, convenient, environmental protection, can effectively solve the space in the food packaging use hand to tear open the way to bring some of the problems.


With the upgrading of the consumer market, as well as the obvious advantages of space food processing technology and technology in safety, nutrition and quality, space technology has been applied to many food production and processing, such as FD technology.The technology was originally developed to allow astronauts to eat fresh vegetables for vitamin supplements while in space.Later, FD technology also made possible vegetable packets and other freeze-dried foods in instant noodles.It can be said that safe and reliable advanced space technology is used to retain the flavor and taste of pure and pollution-free vegetables and the nutrition of high-quality meat.


At present, in the market, it is not difficult to see the "figure" of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, such as banana slices, strawberry dried, kiwi dried, durian dried, plum, okra, cucumber and so on.In theory, almost all food containing water can be freeze-dried, which not only retains the original nutrition, flavor and taste of the product, but also ensures the quality and safety of the food.But freeze-drying can be relatively difficult for foods with too much sugar or gelatin, and for foods with too low eutectic point temperatures.Compared with fruits processed by other technologies, the nutrition of freeze-dried fruits can be said to be the closest to that of fresh fruits.


With the gradual increase of manned space flight experience, the quality of space food has been greatly improved through continuous improvement, which undoubtedly enriches the meals of astronauts and provides them with more stable, healthy, nutritious and delicious food.In addition, many food processing enterprises enter the space food research and development and production, as well as the application of FD technology, the author believes that in the future, more and more "space food" or will enter ordinary people's homes.