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Summer Is Coming And Ice Cream Production Equipment Is Gradually Active

Apr 16, 2018

With the recent hot weather, the ice cream market is beginning to perk up.

Ice cream is the drinking water, milk, milk powder, cream (or vegetable oil), sugar, etc as main raw materials, adding suitable amount of food additives, through mixing, sterilization, homogeneous, aging, and agitation, hardening process made the volume expansion of frozen drinks.There are two forms of on-site sale (soft ice cream) and package sale (hard ice cream).Ice cream has a wide range of audiences and fierce market competition. Therefore, ice cream production equipment has been continuously deepened in its shape, intelligence and automation.

Site selling ice cream use a layer of crispy skin as a container for loading, packaging sales of ice cream is skin packing and other containers in two forms, generally speaking, the skin is extremely important for ice cream.Baked crust of raw material is flour, sugar, oil, milk powder, etc., and put these ingredients in dough mixer mixed stirring after pressing round bread will be, and then rolled into a cylinder shape, finally into the oven to bake.When the oven is finished, the boxes will be selected.

Ice cream in addition to changing tastes can attract consumer attention, the shape of diversification has become one of the indispensable means to attract a younger audience, this is also thanks to the continuous development of ice cream production equipment.For example, the 3D printing ice cream device can customize the ice cream style for consumers, and the production speed is faster, reducing the waiting time of customers.The multi-function ice cream filling machine can realize the diversification of the finished product style by changing the shape of the flowers.The ice cream packaging machine adjusted the length of the long cutting length of the adjustable bag maker, and increased the width of the film, so as to broaden the application scope of the packaging machine.