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Tea Packaging Equipment Helps Extend The Shelf Life

Jun 07, 2018

China is the hometown of tea, and drinking tea has become one of the traditional Chinese food cultures.With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, as well as the improvement of the concept of health preservation, tea drinking has become more and more popular among people.In the market, there are various kinds of tea, but different kinds of tea have certain shelf life. For example, black tea and pu 'er tea belong to fermented tea.However, the appearance of tea packaging machinery makes tea packaging more diversified and also extends the shelf life to a certain extent.

According to relevant personage introduction, generally speaking, the tea need to dry storage, or moist environment harmful microbial contamination, such as it is easy to mold surface appear white mildew spot, mildew, brew the smell is more obvious.In addition, tea leaves stored too long, quality will be greatly reduced, affecting the taste.Drinking musty tea leaves can cause physical discomfort.

With the improvement of processing technology and tea packaging equipment, bulk before the expiration of the black tea generally for 18 months, sealed by food packaging equipment, canned or use aluminum foil paper bags of black tea can be up to 24 months shelf life.In our daily life, we usually have tea in bags, cans and aluminum foil.

Take bagged tea as an example first. At present, the tea packaging machine on the market can be used for automatic packaging of tea, health care products, food and other materials.The machine to the material into the bag inside, and then the inner bag into outer bag, realize the inner and outer bag packing at the same time, a high degree of automation, can automatically finish bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, etc.At the same time, the packaging bag specification can be changed rapidly according to the packaging process, and the width may be easily and quickly adjusted over the adjusting handle, which not only improves the packaging efficiency, but also ensures the effect of tea packaging.

MOOHA Shanghai new professional tea packaging machine, using PLC controller, stable performance, simple and convenient operation.In addition, according to the requirements of users, different packaging forms can be combined to expand the scale range, strong compatibility, easy to use with other packaging equipment.

Unlike packaged tea, canned tea needs to be bottled.The tea canning packaging production line can realize the automatic operation and control function of the whole process of bottling, weighing, filling, revolving cover and sealing after manual bottling and material preparation.At the same time, the adaptive bottle shape adjustment of each part is realized by the handle rotation, which is simple and easy to operate.

And the tea packaging of aluminum foil paper needs vacuum treatment, which is used in vacuum packaging equipment.Vacuum is mainly in order to make the vacuum bag forming, which can make the packaged tea to oxygen insulation, moistureproof, mouldproof, insect-resistant, pollution prevention, such as purpose, effectively extend the shelf life, freshness, convenient for storage and transport.

Thus, compared with loose tea, related the application of packaging equipment, improve the efficiency of packing, save cost at the same time, also extended the shelf life, to facilitate storage and transportation, the tea to a certain extent, guarantees the quality of tea.