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Technical Characteristics Of The Production Line Equipment Of Crisp Crust Croissant

Jun 04, 2018

Adopt international advanced technology, complete block surface transportation, refrigeration, roll thin, oil, laminated bags, plastic, molding, plate automatic continuous production line, save a lot of manpower, improve the production efficiency, improve the stability of product quality, is the domestic production of Denmark, pastry products equipment.

Application: Danish croissants, hand-torn bread, natural yeast bread, crisp bread, chansons bread, turpentine, all kinds of pie products.

1. The pastry production line can produce various types of bread, such as croissants, butterfly cakes and other kinds of bread.This bread production line adopts automatic production from pressing surface, rolling surface, wrapping shortening oil, freezing, dividing and cutting, rolling circle, forming and platting, which is a great revolution in bread production.It replaces the traditional manual operation and greatly improves the production efficiency.In addition, we can modify this pastry production line according to customers' demand to produce the crisp bread you want.

2. This production line adopts the main advantages of international similar products, combines the characteristics of domestic product structure, and adopts the design concept of compact structure, convenient operation and stable performance.

3 the machine automatically lose face, frozen, roll out, crisp, overlapping folded in half, the second rolling surface, secondary overlap can be folded in half and then to demark crisp trend surface of secondary frozen and a series of processes, applicable Denmark croissants, hand tore up the pastry products such as bread in oil and a crisp, sustainable production, rest stop another sub, freezing temperature uniformity, has overcome the present domestic pastry products since the deficiency in the process of production, greatly improving the product quality and stability, is the ideal choice of the Danish pastry products since.